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porca maker

porca maker
Categoriasporca máquina de posição
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Especificações do produtoz41 série porca maker
Serviço After-sales proporcionadoProjeta disponível para prestar serviços de manutenção no ultramar à maquinaria
porca máquina de velocidade55-160pcs/min
porca maker corazul ou custmerized
porca maker tamanho da porcaM3-m24
Embalagemfabricante de porca em caso de madeira ou coberto por filme plástico
Preço unitárioUS $ 3,000-100,000 / set
Tempo de atualização2019-12-11
Informações detalhadas
Product Description  

Nut Maker

The blanks of six angle screws made by cold drawing hight tray or the bar of stocks become bared six angle screws after tapping silks.

The machines of the this series are all of floor stype with work-positions in level order. All the machine proceduces induding the feeding of bars,parting ,removing of finished workieces,pinching and cold-heading  are in an automatic operation.With the speciality of the right and secure locating and convenient operating,adjusting,repairing,packing and seperating, they are the ideal equipments of good quality and stable production.


Nut Production Line includes Nut Cold-heading Machine and Nut Tapper.

1. Nut Cold-heading Machine

To cold heading raw material to get nut blank as follows:

porca maker

porca maker


2. Nut Tapper 

To  make tapping on nut blank to get nut as follows:

porca maker

Packaging & Shipping

We choose the best domestic delivery and handle goods carefully, using necessary protections to keep the machines away from unexpected damages. We ensure that clients will get their satisfying machines.

porca maker

Our Services

1. Guarantee : 12 months after commissioning.


2. Installation : Engineers available to service machinery overseas.


Wherever you are, CANDID has the experience, knowledge, and skills to meet your needs and satisfy your requirements.

Company Information

Hangzhou Candid I/E Co., Ltd. (Candid) is a professional industrial enterprise specializing in importing and exporting various machinery and equipment. Our products mainly include wire drawing machines, nail making machines, hexagonal wire netting machines, gabion making machines, welding mesh machines, roofing sheet corrugating machines, PET bottle blowing machines, PVC pipe production lines and EPS foaming equipment. We have turned up as a leading supplier in these lines.

porca maker

porca maker